Just checked out this documentary and it was awe inspiring! It has inspired me to go on a short 10 day Juice Fast, recently my blender broke and I was a bit bummed, but it actually got me to take out my mom’s old Juiceman Juicer and start juicing again. I forgot how energizing juices can be, and easily absorbed into our bloodstream. I am now making it a healthy habit to juice every morning. When we fast on liquids it allows our body to rest from metabolizing and focus on the areas in our body that need healing. Juice fasting allows your body to still function optimally with the vitamins and minerals in the juice instead of only water. Juice fasting is also a great way to retrain your taste buds when beginning a healthier diet. Check out the trailer below! Also this doc is available on Netflix to watch instantly. 

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    If you can get it on offer - see below, then go for it … It’s great!
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